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Monday, August 06, 2007

Display pictures side by side - tutorial

This is done as a table with two columns. The only disadvantage that I can see is that you cannot click on the pic to have it enlarged.

(img src="image URL"/)
(img src="image URL"/)(/td)

Change the brackets to <> appropriately.
The image URL will start with http:// and will end in jpg. or jpeg.

In the image URL you will have the image size looking something like this /s144/ or 144px can be with a different number, depending on the size of your original image. Find out the size of your mainframe in the html edit

#main-wrapper {
width: 410px;
float: left;

And then change the size of your image from 144 to half the main wrapper width (200 or 205 in this case) to fit the frame nicely.

1 comment:

jenny said...

Hey great post. Just to let you know that if you insert the (a href="URL")(img src="URL")(/a) you have a clickable thumbnail. Thanks!