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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Team Blog Invites & more UPDATE

Wow you guys are fast! I had in excess of 40 invites pending yesterday and only 18 this morning. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to get these out but I'm glad we're almost up to date.

Just to reiterate what the Team Blog is for:

It's not intended to be used as a forum for ongoing discussions, but it is a place where team members can:

1) Introduce themselves to the other members, thus encouraging visits to their blog.

2) Ask questions about Blogger and blogging in general - I do encourage you all to look to the blogger forums for help but it's also worth asking any questinos relating to POSTING, LAYOUT or SETTINGS questions you have here, in case other members have experienced the same problem or query before you.

3) Advertise their wares for sale, with prior consent. It is at my discretion whether I choose to allow members with shops to join the team blog in the first place, and whether they are allowed to post an advert for their shop (be it Etsy, Ebay or other). Just a reminder that I don't endorse any products sold by members, unless otherwise specified.

4) Receive updates or news relating to the Knit1blogtoo ring.

5) Access many useful Blogging links and resources in one place. The list is never going to be 'complete' but it's enough to get most newbies and experienced members on the right track.

I hope that clears things up. Thanks.

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