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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogger Invites for Knit1blogtoo

Well I finally caught up on most of the invites for the Knit1blogtoo blog. I think we have 50 confirmed team members, and a further 30+ awaiting to accept / decline their invites.

Just a few points of interest:

1) if you don't include your e-mail address on your Ringsurf account, you won't receive an invite. I use Ringsurf to mail the group and if your e-mail is missing, you won't receive any updates, invites, nothing.

2) if you don't have a Blogger blog and have received an invite to join the team blog, please either DECLINE the invite or set up a blogger account. It's not compulsory to join the team blog - it's just an extra feature of the ring.

3) if you haven't received an invite and you think you should have, please check your Ringsurf account and make sure your e-mail address is typed correctly on your account. I can't invite you if I haven't inserted your e-mail address or if you have done it incorrectly.

I'll be back again soon with a further update regarding membership numbers, FAQs and details on the forthcoming quiz/competition. It will be a simple competition rather than a treasure hunt as I simply don't have the time to do anything else. Prizes will remain the same as previously stated.

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