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Monday, June 25, 2007

Knit1BlogToo News

Dear fabulous Knit1blogtoo ring members

Ringsurf Update

Earlier this year I reported that Ringsurf was being a giant pain in the business end as spammers had all but taken over at To top it off, appeard to have been abandoned and there has been no support or contact for months now. However, somebody is clearly taking an interest over there as there have been some changes to the layout etc... which you may or may not have noticed. I'm not entirely happy with the service being offered yet so I'm adopting a 'wait and see' policy for the time being. Hopefully it will settle down very soon.

Navigation Code

I just ran a check on the 'integrity' of the ring this morning, checking for broken links, missing navigation code, problems, etc... and there were only two errors out of the whole ring (which I might add appear to be kinks in the system and not the fault of the bloggers involved at all, whatsoever!)

I am so very grateful to you all for being such wonderful ring members and for dealing with any questions or queries I throw at you as they arise. It makes my life a whole lot easier and of course leaves me more time for fun crafty type stuff!

I am in the process of updating the new members' invites on blogger and will post a new 'active' total later today - just so you can see how we've grown in the past 12(ish) months.

Inactive blogs

I am happy to report that I have only stumbled across one blog in the ring which has been inactive for at least six months. The usefulness of the ring depends entirely on keeping blogs up to date. So, if you spot a blog that appears to be inactive for a period of time (usually a month but I'm not a tyrant and will be flexible) then please do let me know. Sadly I don't have the time to visit each and everybody's blog as often as I would like so would greatly appreciate your cooperation with this.


I'm in the process of setting up a little competition or treasure hunt to celebrate our almost 1 year knitblogringaversary (well, it's a little bit of everything)! Prizes will include the following: Yarn; Tote & Needle Roll in a neutral colourway/patern; Stitch Markers; etc..... Rules and details will follow shortly, so stay tuned!

TTFN, Bernie


g-girl said...

i went and updated my code so it should work now..I think! thanks for all you do! ;)

Rose Red said...

Thanks Bernie

knottykitty said...

Thanks Bernie! :)

BTW, can you please list my blog on the blogroll as "Knottykitty Knits"? You have me listed as "Two Minions," which is not the name of my blog.

A small thing, I know, but I would appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Theresa said...

BErnie...I changed my template and lost my coding. Could you kindly email me or contact me and advise me how to code so I won't be breaking the ring? Thank you!

the lesters said...

Hi Bernie,

Thanks for doing this! It might be better to list my link to knitting pretty as -- not that I mind having folks check out my other stuff, but they may just want to go straight to the knitting from this ring.


Lucia said...

Thank you Bernie... i will update my code.