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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How to: Modify Ring Navigation Code (easy)

Thanks to a conversation I had with Nora this morning about making the Knit1BlogToo box on her blog smaller, it occurred to me that some of the other ring members may also want to do the same.

Here are a few ways to make it smaller. These simple changes won't actually harm the integrity of the navigation code as it doesn't affect the code itself:

1) Reduce the size of the font

2) Change the 'PREVIOUS' and 'NEXT' options to '<' and '>'

3) Change the 'RANDOM' option to '?'

This screenshot is of the Knit1BlogToo box before editing/formatting:
Screenshot of the K1B2 box as it appears when you retrieve the navigation code from Ringsurf And this screenshot is of the Knit1BlogToo box as it appears on Nora's blog now that she has made the changes: Screenshot of the K1B2 box as it appears after changing the navigation code options/descriptionsIf you want to learn more about formatting the actual navigation code itself, please visit this link.



Bernie, just letting you know that your link is coming up "NOT FOUND".

craftybernie said...

Thanks Nora! :)