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Monday, October 02, 2006

How to: Strike Through Text

Q: At 1/10/06, BLACK DOG KNITS said... How do u strike out a word or phrase but still keep it visible with a line through it?

A: To strike out text you can either use the <s> </s> tags or the <strike> </strike> tags.

So <s>strikethrough this text</s> would become strikethrough this text

And <strike>strikethrough this text</strike> would also become strikethrough this text.



AR said...



Thanks Bernie, you're a genius! BTW: BDKs is now linking - thanks again! x

Artis-Anne said...

Yet another one , good grief woman your a genius. One of these days I will get my blog to look better . Blogger is irrtating me at tha moment as things keep vanishing then re-appear the following day, so its enough to try and keep it updated and I am terrifed of changing it