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Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello People

Hello the good people of this blog. I am Zeeppo and I have been allowed to join your ring and blog (talk about light security). Any way I have been knitting since I was a young lad. I learned to knit in the Circus (your ring leader was not joking) where everyone learned to knit. Well at least in my Circus they did. I learned to knit from a man and knit with men until I entered the real world and discovered that was not how it really was.

Oh and I have a tendency to ramble on about everything and go off in strange tangents, but I digress. I started off by joining male and clown knitting web rings. Only to find out there was only one male ring and no clown rings for knitting. So now I am joining the rings that will have me.

I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my wife, her dog Sally and Sally’s cat Zoltan. I don’t understand it either. The cat thinks the dog is his mother. The dog was even more disturbed to learn this when the cat started nursing on her. By the way we are looking for a good pet therapist if anyone knows one.

Well I have rambled on enough. Visit me at my blog it is one heck of a ride on the days I am reasonable coherent.

1 comment:

craftybernie said...

Thanks for introducing yourself Zeeppo. Enjoy the ring.