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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


That would be Hello in Norwegian, a language that's spoken in a country called Norge, Norway, Norwegen, whatever you like.
Someone sent me this web site, and it has some incredible pictures:
Four million people live there. Minus one, because I am now her in Texas. After 9 years here, I feel more like a Texwegian.

Blogging is new to me. I have been on the net for about two months, but if you visit my blog,
you'll see I have been pretty busy. It's fun. Have to admit I use the spell check quite a bit, but I am sure mistakes still happens...
This is where I post my knitting projects, or write about whatever occupies my mind at the moment of posting. I have this counting devise, and think it is soooo fun to see who is visiting me, individuals from many different countries! And I love getting comments.
There are so many talented people out there, willing to share there experiences.

A small "problem" though: I would have liked to have a little more space in between the two columns on my page. Between the main "bar" and the (right) side bar. And how would I add a left side bar? Anyone?
Thanks for adding me to your ring,

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