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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How to: Post Photos to Blogger

I recently promised one of the members that I would post a tutorial on how to post pictures to blogger (I'm not going to mention who it was as I'm sooo embarrassed that I haven't done it yet).

Some of you will probably be thinking "what the heck - that's easy - we're not stupid". I know it's straightforward but what do you do when blogger is misbehaving and won't allow you to load the piccies? Did you know there are ways round this?

They're coming soon. I Promise. I just need to type up the instructions and tips.


Laura said...

Hi Bernie, That would be AWESOME! I spent all weekend trying to post pictures. I'd sit there and watch that triangle go 'round and 'round then....NOTHING! I did this over and over and over and over -- well, you get the picture. I would love to learn how to work around it!

Deborah said...

this one i'm particularly interested in because sometimes blogger limits my pics to just 2 or 3. can't figure out their rhyme or reason..

gilraen said...

I for one would love to know how to add code that makes the picture a spoiler Bernie :)

Craftybernie said...

Hi Gilraen, is this what you're looking for:

Let me know if not.

xx Bernie xx

gilraen said...

Thank you Bernie, but I know how to post photos, it is how to post photos as spoilers, so they are not visible without clicking to see them I wanted to know. Like you did on your blog with your peek a boo parcel recently :D

Craftybernie said...

Ah, sorry. Do you mean the clickable 'Read more' that expands the rest of the post?

If so, it's called a 'expandable posts with Peekaboo view' hack and is available on Hackosphere.

Here's the link to the peekaboo hack. Although it's a bit fiddly, if you follow the instructions to the letter, you'll get it first time!

Hope this helps!

Rositta said...

Does anyone know how to put the little pictures in the sidebar. I''m still using old blogger templates...thanks

Craftybernie said...

rositta, check out these search results:

If they're not what you're looking for let me know and I'll try to type up some new ones.

BTW, why haven't you switched over to the new layouts? It's so much easier!!! You must change over - if you need help with this I can walk you through it.