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Friday, August 04, 2006

Things every Reader Wants from a Writer, Lizz Strauss

I enjoyed reading this article by Liz Strauss on Liz lists 9 + 1 points to consider when writing on your blog. Here's the link.

I particularly liked item number 10 on the list:

"Don’t make me invisible or embarrass me. Answer my comments and questions in your comment field. Don’t answer other people and ignore me. When you do answer, please, please, please, remember you had to learn once too."

Personally, I think the last bit (in bold) is true and can be applied to many if not all situations in life.

We're not all professional writers and many of us just blog to keep a personal journal. But I think Liz has provided an accurate list of what readers want and if you're struggling with writing on your blog this could help.

Best wishes to you all...Bernie

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