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Friday, August 04, 2006

I am very grateful

Hi I am new to this site and found it via searching through knitting blogs and I have to say as some one who is new to blogging this site is so useful . I am not a computer geek but find the computer a valuable tool to get information and as a form of learning more about life and all the things that interest me in particular for me all thing yarn related . I so agree with Bernie's last post and as a newbie so far I have had nothing but support and friendliness shown to me. We all have different views and skills but its great to be able to share a part of someone's else's life in a way, as blogs do not only show our hobbies . So to all bloggers out there that I visit I want to thank them for letting me into a part of their life and for sharing in mine , long may it continue. There is so much I need to learn and the more we can share in our skills as well as our blog sites the better (guess that's the ex-lecturer in me coming out!!) At the moment I would like to bite the bullet and have a more interesting template
Hope everyone is having a good day


craftybernie said...

Hi Anne. Thanks for introducing yourself. I hope you enjoy hopping around the ring and links. Have fun and happy knitting & blogging!

Best wishes....Bernie

Piglottie said...

Hi Anne and welcome on board. Enjoy knitting and blogging!