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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Been home 3 days....

Here's a wierd observation and an indication that I clearly have no focus at the moment whatsoever:

I was scrolling through the K1B2 blog and noticed that the Ticker Factory countdown to our holiday is now counting in the opposite direction. It states that it has been '10 days since our holiday'. (Although technically we went away 10 days ago and we have been home for 3 days now.)

I thought the countdown would reach zero on holiday d-day and then just stop. But no, it has to keep counting in the negative.

I guess I'll have to change it to countdown to our next holiday which will be a short break to Ireland next month. Then if I get desperate I could always set it up to countdown to Christmas and then all the other events in my life.

This could get complicated.

Perhaps I should just delete the darn thing.....

Normal programming will resume shortly.


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1 comment:

Terri D. said...

Welcome back Bernie! Those countdown things do seem to have a mind of their own. Spooky, I think.