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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Template Generator: Wannabegirl Firdamatic

I came across this simple blogger Template Generator called Firdamatic by Wannabegirl.

When you arrive at the website, you are greeted by a form where you need to choose:

1) either a 2 column or a 3 column template layout;
2) your colour preferences for text, backgrounds, links, etc...;
3) a graphic or photo to put in your blog header (if you want one)

Once you input the information where prompted, click on Generate, and voila! You are redirected to a new window, where your new template awaits you. You then need to copy and paste the template into blogger (there's a link in the generated page that redirects you to the code).

Just a few points of interest:

1) Before attempting to make any changes to your template, it is recommended that you make a backup copy. Do this by opening your current blogger template, select and copy all the HTML codes and tags and paste them into a new Notepad document. Save this information as, for example, "blogger backup &date". Then you are free to play!

2) Whenever you add a new template to your blog, you will, unfortunately, loose any links and formatting that you have made. The only way to put your links, buttons and graphics back in is to add them to the new template manually. Now, as you have a backup copy of your template, you can simply copy the links from the Notepad doc and paste into the new template.

3) Now that you have a shiny new template, you can still personalise it further, as you would any other blogger template. You can add backgrounds, images, graphics, new headers and titles etc..

Have fun!

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