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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Knitting Bloggers - reflection

Recently, there have been a few posts on a forum raising issues about knitting bloggers that have touched a nerve or too. Although the replies have been from both sides of the fence I think it is important to mention how some of the comments will affect the confidence of new bloggers and new knitters alike.

As many of us have pointed out, blogging is a personal thing. We write about what moves us, what inspires us and what amuses us. Knitting bloggers read about other knitters experiences, other knitters lives and other knitters likes and dislikes. We choose to stick to a particular topic or to diversify and explore other avenues. Clearly, we are all individual and unique, which makes for a very rich knitting blogging community.

Personally, I think it's important to remember that what is said within a forum can affect the confidence of newbies and that the more experienced members should be sensitive to this. Obviously it is a free world and we have (thankfully) the freedom of speech. But not to the point where people have to defend what they write about or talk about within their own domain.

What's important to one person, is mediocre and immaterial to the next. But to undermine the value of something that is important to another person is hurtful.

My blog is mainly a knitting blog with the occasional reference to cats. That's the description in the title. It's what it says on the tin. If somebody doesn't want to read about cats, then this is not the blog for them. I may not have copious amounts of photos of my cat on here but I do like to refer to her. She makes me laugh. And cats and knitting together are just funny.

This may make no sense to some, but perhaps it will to others.

1 comment:

sibtigre2 said...

I agree 100%! I have lots of other things on my blog - mostly involving my work or my pets. If someone wants to read a blog that's exclusively about knitting, mine ain't the one to read! :) Same thing goes for someone who only wants to know about my work or my pets. :)

I, personally, like both types. I like reading whatever that person wants to share. And if I don't want to read it, I don't have to. No one is forcing me to read someone's blog. If I don't like what it says, I can choose to not visit the blog! :)