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Monday, February 04, 2008

Wanna upgrade from Classic Blogger?

How many of you are still using the Classic Blogger Templates? you? or maybe You? Oh no, not YOU!!

CLASSIC TEMPLATESeriously though. If you're still using Classic Blogger why not upgrade? It's so much easier to personalise your blog once you've upgraded to the new Layouts. To say it's user friendly doesn't do it justice. You have to see for yourself.

NEW LAYOUT & PAGE ELEMENTS SCREENAnd you can always revert back to the classic template if you absolutely hate it. Yup, it's true!

Leave a comment on this post or email me if you're ready to take the plunge. When enough of you step up to the challenge, I'll put together a tutorial and will hold your hand along the way.


Anonymous said...

What kind of templates are you talking about?
I would be interested to have a look:)

AR said...

Oh, yes that would be me. I am going to do it, though! I won't forget to save a copy first, though.