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Friday, November 23, 2007

more porgress problems

I was adding a new project to my progress bars and somehow deleted whatever command it is to show the bar and percentage itself. Then I thought, well while I'm trying to fix it, I'd really rather have those cute images of what the project is rather than the bar... so of course I tried to add that but don't know what the script to add the image should be. I tried this:

I'm not sure if this will come up as gibberish or nothing or what I want it to look like.... but on my blog all I get is the heading and nothing else :-(



Anonymous said...

I just did that on my blog. I didn't work it out by myself.
You just go to your image host, get the link (which is href) in correct size, thumbnail or square or whatever you like. Copy it and then paste it just below the button code for percentage bar. All done. And save of course.

Lapa said...

Boas Festas de Portugal.

KnitaSaur said...

It's past Nov. Is the ring still closed? :)