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Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Members - invites coming soon...

There are approximately 40 new members who have joined the ring over the past few months and are still waiting to receive an invite to join the team blog. I am hoping to make a start by the end of this week but failing that it will be next week before I catch up.

Unfortunately I can only invite one member at a time, unlike the old blogger where I could invite a whopping 3 at a time. Me thinks it's going to be a ....s...l...o....w.... process.


sibtigre2 said...

I've been able to invite multiple people to a team blog. I just put a comma (or a semi-colon, I can't remember which now) in between each email address. So far it's worked out. :) Good luck!



hi all,

i have been invited to join the team blog...and as a new blogger...and desirous of making
a contribution....please give me some suggestions on team blog content vs. individual content?

otherwise known as what is expected
on a team blog post?

thanks for your help...
dc/konoponop designs

Craftybernie said...


The team blog is just an added bonus for the ring. An opportunity to introduce yourself to other members, it publicises your blog and brings it to their attention.

It's also an opportunity to post any questions you may have related to your blog layout/template. There are plenty of blogger help forums out there but it's worth asking here too as many of the members before you will probably have encountered the same problems before.

The team blog is not intended to be used as a forum - merely a point of contact between members for urgent help.


Craftybernie said...

I managed to invite a group of 40 members today - the method is to separate the individual email addresses with a comma! Finally!!!