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Friday, May 11, 2007

How to: Change how LABELS are displayed


I have added a drop down LABEL menu on my blog which took me literally seconds to install. If your list of labels is dropping off the page then you (yes YOU) might like to try this too.

Compare the list of labels on this blog (knit1blogtoo) to the label menu in the left hand screenshot. See the difference? When you click on the 'drop down arrow' beside Select a Label it opens up your complete list of labels.

Still not sure? Try it out on my blog if you like. When you're finished, the list disappears again! Thus giving you even more space in your sidebar. Magic.

To achieve this drop down menu, visit Ramani's blog - hackosphere - where you'll find the hack. He has monkeyed around with the label widget and made it an absolute doddle to install in your template. It's soooo easy that if you can't do it I'll eat yesterday's underwear for breakfast!

If you're feeling really REALLY confident and happy to tinker with the HTML in your template then why not take it one step further.

Ramani has also done a hack for multi-style labels. You may have seen the icons to the left on some posh blogs??? Basically, when you click on each of the icons your labels are displayed in different ways. Like the look of it? Then give it a go on your test blog, if you have one.

Don't forget, download a copy of your full template before making any changes whatsoever!

Good luck and Happy tinkering!

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