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Friday, April 27, 2007

Poll: Is this blog helpful?

It's feedback time.

This blog is almost a year old and now it's time for YOU to tell me what you think of it. Take a moment to answer the poll in the sidebar. Use your vote wisely - you only get one!!!

No information is gathered by entering the poll.

If you would like to supplement your vote with comments then please feel free to do so on this post.

Thanks for your time....Bernie


Queen Frogger said...

I use this blog to dip in and out of when I have time to mess about with my blog. I am not sure if I would know where to go for help otherwise!

AR said...

I have learned quite a few blogger "tricks" on here. I love it!

Rositta said...

This blog has been more helpful to me than any other resource I could find on my own, many thanks, please continue...ciao