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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Midnight 2 Sticks & Sharkypurl Join Forces

Hi Everyone!

I haven't posted here in months...but I wanted to share something exciting with everyone.

Shannon of Midnight 2 Sticks and I have started our own podcast --- SSK Podcast. Check us out on iTunes or at our blog

Let us know what you think!

We're working on the audio issues...
Because Shannon is in New Jersey and I'm in Illinois, we're recording our conversations over Skype with Hot Recorder. If anyone has any recording tips or tricks, please, don't hold back!

Big thanks to Crafty Bernie --- if you hadn't organized Knit 1 Blog Too, Shannon and I may have never met!

All the best,


Craftybernie said...

It's nice to see that something good has come out of this! Now, about my fee.......

Good luck with the podcast. I'll be checking it out.


Midnight2sticks said...

Thanks Crafty Bernie!! Maybe you could be a guest?!?! Possibly?!?!
I wanted to thank you too for your work over hear actually-its been really helpful!