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Monday, January 15, 2007

the upgrade

i switched
still can't figure it all out
i usta be able to post photos from my cell
MOST of the time
they don't go thru
anyone know how to do it
blogger support doens' answer e-mails
thanx in advance
IF i get more than 2 days home in a row
i can play with the blog
maybe in Feb


Kylie said...

Hi Bernie, just wondering how i find the archives? Thanks

Craftybernie said...

Hey Kylie - have sent you an e-mail. But in the meantime, the archives are in the bottom on the right-hand sidebar.

They will be moving shortly though, when I upgrade this template to a Beta one.

randi K design said...

HI Bernie!
I don't know what I would do without you!
I need your help again:
I am trying to put in a link on my sidebar for my store at "Etsy". I have a few items listed, and wanted readers of my blog to access from the blog.
I don't seem to figure it out...
Can you help me? - again? Please!
Thank you so much!

Rositta said...

It's like a lightbulb went off in my head, I figured out the entire new blogger stuff. I was deathly afraid of the tabs but figured it all out.
Now, of course the next step is to find a nice background and/or a nicer template....ciao

Rositta said...

I can't leave comments, what's up??