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Friday, December 01, 2006

Blogger Beta & Progress Bars

Thanks G-girl for your comment re the Progress Bars and how they've been reported not to work properly in Blogger Beta.

This was the kind of stuff I was referring to in my first post. A lot of the blogger 'hacks' and add-ons that we've put in our templates on 'classic' Blogger are written in code that may not translate or work over in Blogger Beta.

And as the whole purpose of Knit1BlogToo was to provide access to links, resources and tutorials on how to do things in 'classic' blogger, I'm working on finding out as much as I can about Blogger Beta to ensure that the Knit1BlogToo Blog can continue to be a useful resource.

Having said that, there's no need to worry too much about add-ons at this stage. Yes, it's going to be an inconvenience, initially. And I do appreciate that the Progress Bars are a very useful tool but they're not necessarily a necessity in order to have a blog that works efficiently. No doubt some clever person(s) out there will re-write Beta friendly codes for these sort of things.

In the meantime, I'll be learning all I can about Blogger Beta. It's my intention to continue to share with you guys by posting the useful links and tutorials here on the Knit1BlogToo blog. That's why this blog was created - to share knowledge and resources.


Rositta said...

Here's a puzzle for the blog pro. On Mozilla firefox, which I love to use, my blog looks perfect. On Explorer, on the other hand, you have to scroll half way down the page to find my post and all the stuff on the sidebar is wrong. What am I doing wrong??? I know not everyone uses Firefox so their not getting a good view.

craftybernie said...

I have absolutely no experience whatsoever with Mozilla Firefox. I've read about firefox users receiving reports from IE users that when they view their blogs the margins are all out of whack.

I can tell you that I am currently using IE7 and your blog looks fine. All the posts are where they should be and the sidebar looks ok.

Sometimes the screen resolution can play havoc with how a blog is displayed, especially if the user has a very old screen.

Additionally, the sidebar can be pushed down your page temporarily if an image on a particular post is wider than the main column permits. Suppose I visited an archived post where an image was bigger than you would normally post, it would push the sidebar out of place.

I would suggest that you check out the following for further information:

Hope this helps!

Best wishes..Bernie

g-girl said...

and because of all you do for us, we thank you!

Rositta said...

I thank you so much for your advice, I will try it. Firefox is great by the way, I love the fact that you can open multiple pages in tab. I hear that Explorer will do the same soon.

craftybernie said...

Mr CB updated Explorer for me the other day and it has the tab function you mention. I haven't a clue about the new features so that's something else I need to play with.