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Friday, September 01, 2006

Demystifying blogs

When the internet became a part of our common lexicon and people got a tiny amount of technical knowledge, personal web pages became all the rage - for a while. Due to the fact that not everyone knew how to code a web page, this trend soon died down and made way for the explosion of... the weblog.

Without going into specifics, blogging has rapidly gained popularity and more and more people are now publishing online.
Joining this community of online diaries and journals is relatively simple and anyone with an internet connection (even the non-techie types) can express themselves on the WWW.
Whilst you don't have to be a computer geek, there are some things every blogger should know - like how to avoid accidentally deleting your blog and what to do if you suddenly disappear from the (Blogger) blogosphere...

1. Prior to tweaking your blog, back up the template
2. How to recover from an accidental delete
3. Blogger CAN help (see edit at end of post)
4. Backup #2 (better to be safe)
5. Finally: if the boys at Google can do it... read it, you'll feel better

So that's it folks... as tedious as it may be, taking a few moments to safeguard your blog will pay off in the long run... and remember: NEVER SAY NEVER - please don't assume it won't happen to you.

Edited to add:

How to contact Blogger Support

1. - This is Blogger's direct link to their contact form. You'll receive an automated email to which you must reply in order to be issued with a reference number.

2. You can also contact Blogger by email: although I have it on good authority that the contact form (above) gets a faster response.

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