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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Net Ring up and running

I have just finished setting up the Net Ring on I am in the process of typing up the guidelines and requirements for joining the ring and hope to have these posted to the site this afternoon. I need to tweak the code for the Ring as I am not happy with the size of the font etc.. but that is fairly easy to fix.

Also, I have created a button for our ring. However, if any of you want to submit a button/picture then please do so. We can then have a vote on the one we like best.

Here's my effort:

Will update you all later today or tomorrow.

Many thanks...Bernie


Pam said...

I am a real newbie, but with your help I was able to update my site and I have joined the ring. This has been so much if only I could figure out how to podcast.

craftybernie said...

Your site is looking good - glad you found it helpful. Hope you continue to enjoy the process.

I'm afraid I can't offer any help with the podcast - I don't even know what a podcast is!!! Maybe there's a site or group that you can get some help from???