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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Free blogger template layouts: LayoutGala

I found this site purely by accident and boy do I wish I found this several weeks ago. The site is called Layoutgala and there are 40 template layouts with various combinations of 2 and 3 columns.

Why do we want 3 column templates I hear you ask? Well sometimes it's nice to take advantage of all that wasted space on our screens, especially if you have lots of links and other useful stuff knocking about in your sidebars.

Although all these templates look the same at a first glance, don't be fooled. Each one has it's own inner beauty waiting for you to download and 'pimp'. Just choose any one and change the colours and formatting to suit your own personal taste.

They have even very kindly provided instructions on how to extend the colour of your sidebars all the way down the page (rather than stopping where the content stops), which I shall be taking advantage of.

Remember to back up your own blogger template before making any changes!

1 comment:

Piglottie said...

Thanks for all these links Bernie, much appreciated. I am dying to change my blog to 3 columns as I hate all the blank space on the left but am a bit of a chicken as am frightened it will fry the whole thing! I'll have to take the plunge and just make sure I back everything up - but not today...